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3 Signs That May Indicate The Need For A Professional Dishwasher Repair

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If you are someone that loves the convenience of having a dishwasher, the last thing you want is for it to break down. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are educating yourself on the signs that may indicate that it is experiencing some trouble that requires the assistance of a professional appliance repair technician. Check out the following signs to know just what they are.

There Is Always Water In The Bottom

Even if you set your dishwasher on the energy saving option of air drying, you should never find a puddle of water sitting in the bottom of the unit. If you happen to notice that the water never seems to completely drain out of the dishwasher, you might want to go ahead and call in an appliance repair technician. It might seem as though your dishwasher is still handling the cleaning of your dishes okay, but the collection of water could get worse and worse.

You Hear A Lot Of Banging Sounds

As long as you are properly securing all of your dishes in the proper slots on the dishwasher racks, you should not have to worry about about falling over or out of the racks and hitting against the spinning blade at the bottom of the unit. Therefore, if you happen to find that you are starting to hear a lot of banging sounds each time you run the dishwasher, you will want to call in the appliance repair technician. The problem could be that the blade is getting stuck or it has become bent and is therefore hitting off of the lower rack as it spins around. There could also be a problem with the internal motor. Either way, you need an skilled appliance repair technician to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Nothing Is Getting Clean

At first, you might think that the new brand of dishwasher soap that you switched to is not doing its job. However, if you find that the detergent itself is not the problem, then it could be the dishwasher. If the water is not getting hot enough or it is not being splashed over your dishes properly, then they are never going to get cleaned properly. You might need a new motor or a replacement dishwasher.

Now that you have read through the previously mentioned signs of dishwasher trouble, you should have an easy enough time deciding whether it is time to call in a professional for a repair. Visit Terry Rickner Appliance Service if you have any questions.