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Three Steps To Take If Your Refrigerator Is Leaking Water

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Besides being annoying and messy, a leaking refrigerator may damage your floor and can indicate a significant problem with the function of the appliance itself. If you notice that yours has recently begun leaking, whether inside the refrigerator or out on the kitchen floor, take these steps to stop the leak.

1. Check ice maker and water filter

Sometimes a faulty water filter will cause a leak. Other times old, cracked seals will fail to keep water from escaping. Either way, you can check these areas for moisture and if they seem to be emitting dampness, streams of water, or anything in between, you can try replacing seals and the water filter. If changing these parts doesn't fix the problem, try tightening the connections. You may need to get the connections themselves replaced if there's still a leakage after you do this.

2. Check defrost drain and drain pan

Sometimes the normal drainage system will act up and allow water to drain inside the refrigerator or out onto the floor instead of into the drain pan like it's supposed to do. If the leak is draining inside the fridge, try unblocking the defrost drain. You can do this by moving your frozen foods, thawing the freezer to remove the drain cover, and using a wire and a stream of warm or hot water to flush the drain until water flows freely through. If your leak is exterior, try tilting the appliance back a tiny bit by unscrewing the front legs (an eighth of an inch or less) or propping them up. The fridge should lean back a tiny bit, just enough that the door swings shut if you leave it open. If this doesn't fix the problem, you may have a cracked drain pan.

3. Consult a repair professional

If none of these problems seem to describe the issue with your refrigerator, you may have a less common variety of leak that will require professional repair. Or if you've tried these solutions and can't figure out how to get them to work, a professional consultation may be just what you need to get the ice maker connections tightened or get the fridge set at just the right angle.

Use these three steps to troubleshoot a pesky and ominous refrigerator leak. Remember, if you aren't comfortable with doing the work yourself, you shouldn't be ashamed to call a professional appliance repair contractor such as Ross Appliance Services.