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Overactive Ice Maker: What To Do When The Control Arm Is In The Center

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If your ice maker won't stop making ice because the control arm is not raised or lowered properly, take steps to fix it now. The ice maker's control arm should be completely raised when it makes ice and completely lowered when it stops. But if the control arm becomes stuck at the halfway point, the ice maker won't know when to stop making ice. The control arm may simply be frozen in place. Sometimes, the air inside the freezer becomes too cold and ice forms on the metal parts of the control arm. To see if the control arm is frozen in place, follow the tips below.

Make a Bottle of Hot Water

The first step to unfreezing your control arm is to make a 16-ounce bottle of hot water. It's a good idea that you use a heat-resistant squirt or spray bottle for the job. If you can't find a heat-resistant bottle, use a thick-textured plastic bottle and pair of soft-textured gloves. The gloves will protect your hands if the bottle becomes too hot from the water. 

Also, avoid placing any chemicals in the bottle, including household vinegar. The chemicals can get inside the ice making or the tubes that support water. You can use heated bottled water for this step. After you have your bottle of water ready, proceed to the next step.

Unfreeze the Control Arm

Dampen a clean washcloth with warm water and gently wipe around the control arm. The warm water will help the ice thaw out. After you do this, follow the tips below:

  1. Aim the bottle's nozzle at the control arm, then squeeze. You want to saturate the entire surface of the control arm to help the ice melt. Also, squirt water on the areas of the arm that connect directly to the ice bin.
  2. Try to move the control arm to the up or down position. If the arm doesn't budge, continue saturating it with hot water.
  3. Wait two minutes, then try to move the arm again without placing too much pressure on it. The arm should move slightly as the ice melts. 
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 4. The arm should move easily now.

Use a thick towel to soak up any water that dropped on the freezer's bottom panel. The water can freeze and cause problems with the appliance. If the arm breaks or stays locked in place, contact a appliance repair technician or service provider to replace it. The control arm may be rusted or broken.

For more information about your ice maker's control arm or replacement parts, call or email an appliance technician like Prompt Appliance Services, Inc. right away.