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3 Tasks That Will Help Extend Your Fridge's Life

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A refrigerator that stops working correctly can cause some turmoil as you rush to find alternative sources of cooling your food while you wait for a repair person to arrive. Whether you freeze some of your items or temporarily relocate them to a neighbor's fridge, it's important to deal with them quickly to avoid them spoiling. Regardless of the reason for your fridge problem, a trained repair person can get the appliance up and running again quickly. Once everything is functional and you've reloaded the fridge with food, it's useful to brush up on some simple ways to extend the life of this appliance. Here's how.

Keep the Coils Clean

Unless you're overly meticulous about house cleaning, you don't likely vacuum or sweep behind your fridge regularly. This important job, however, can drastically prolong the fridge's life. Over time, the condenser coils behind the fridge will accumulate dust and reduce the machine's efficiency. Over time, this reduced efficiency can shorten the fridge's lifespan. Roll the fridge away from the wall, put a brush attachment on your vacuum wand and meticulously suck up the dust. You can also buy vacuum attachments specifically designed for this job, although careful use of the vacuum brush will still work well. Plan to perform this task twice per year.

Ensure the Seals Are Functional

Over time, the rubber seals around your fridge door can fail, which means that warm air from your kitchen is constantly flowing into the appliance. This results in the fridge having to run longer than necessary to keep the interior cool, which puts unnecessary wear on the condenser motor and can shorten the fridge's lifespan. You can check the seals with a dollar bill; hold the bill against the door frame and close the door. The seal should be able to keep the currency in place; if you lightly tug on the bill and it easily comes free, your seals need to be replaced. Call your fridge repair person to arrange a visit; the work is quick and inexpensive and can extend the life of this appliance.

Avoid Excessively Low Temperatures

While the idea of a refreshingly cold piece of fruit might be enticing, there's no need to keep your fridge colder than necessary. Lowering the temperature setting excessively forces the appliance to run more than it needs to, which can shorten its lifespan. Setting your fridge temperature to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit is appropriate. This temperature will store your perishables safely but without cooling the fridge more than necessary.