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3 Gas Range Repair Tips If the Burners Won't Light

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If you have plans to begin cooking a big meal and your gas range burners aren't lighting, you might be at a loss for what you can do. You could call out a repair technician and pay to have it repaired, or you can try and repair it yourself. If your stove top burners click but won't light, you have an electronic ignition. Follow the steps below to learn a few ways you can potentially repair the gas burners for your range if you have an electric ignition.

Test For Simple Solutions

First, check to be sure your range is plugged in or that the fuse to the outlet it is plugged into didn't blow. Open the oven door to see if the light inside turns on. If you have power, next check that you have gas. Look at the gas valve and be sure it is turned on. If you have power and gas, move to the next step.

Check The Burner And Igniter

If the burner or igniter are dirty and clogged with gunk, it can cause a problem with lighting. Be sure the burner knobs are turned off before moving forward. Take off the burner covers on your stove top and look at the burner holes. Take a needle to clean out any visible gunk around each burner. Then check the igniter, which is a nub located near the burner base. Clean this as well with your needle. Put your burner covers back in place and move to the next step.

Check The Igniter Module

If you've cleaned your burners and igniters, test the igniter module. To do this, you'll need to check if you see a spark. Turn the lights down so the room is dark, then turn the burner knobs to ignite for a few seconds. If you don't see a spark at all, the problem is most likely a broken igniter module.

This is located behind your stove, so the stove will need to be pulled away from the wall. Unplug your stove and take the back metal cover off. The igniter module is usually located below the control panel and looks like a small box. Consult the manufacturer manual if you aren't sure where it is located. Be sure when installing a new module that you transfer the wires one at a time so the wires don't get mixed up.

If you aren't comfortable working on your gas range burners, contact a professional appliance repair company like All Brands-Appliance Repair.