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How To Move Your Appliances Without Causing Damage To Them

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If you are moving then you have a lot of preparations to do in order to make sure your items are moved so they go into your new house in the same condition they were in at your old house. You want to be extremely careful with your appliances when you move them. If they aren't moved correctly, then parts can be shaken loose and certain appliances can become off balanced. The information offered below will help you move your appliances without causing them damage during the process.

Moving your refrigerator

Before you move your refrigerator you want to prepare it. Remove all glass shelves and wrap them in bubble wrap to protect them. You can tape them securely to the inside of the refrigerator or put them in a clearly marked box. Tape the electrical cord to the side of the unit to protect it from being pulled on during the move and so it doesn't become a tripping hazard.

Your refrigerator needs to stay in the upright position during the move. If you are able to spare one dolly for the entire move then it's easiest to move the unit into the truck on the dolly and keep it on the dolly for the entire move. This way, it's ready to go when you get to the new location and you won't have to worry about navigating it on and off the dolly again.

Moving your washing machine

Unplug your washing machine from the wall and the water connections. Tap the hoses and the cord securely to the side of the unit so they are out of the way. Move the washing machine on a dolly and try to keep it from moving more than necessary. Keep it upright for the entire move; putting it on its side can cause the tub to become unbalanced or can lead to parts coming loose or breaking.

Moving your dryer

Disconnect the dryer from the wall outlet. Disconnect the venting tube and place it in the dryer for safe keeping. Tape the dryer door shut so it doesn't come open during transport and move the dryer without placing it on its side. Just as with your washing machine, the dryer also has parts that can become unbalanced or come loose if it's moved or laid on its side.

Moving your appliances carefully can help you avoid repair issues. However, if you notice something is wrong with them after you hook them up in your new home, then you should have an appliance repair person from a business like Appliance Doctor look at them before running them.