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Three Strategies For Prolonging Your Fridge Life

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While you might commonly think about the lifespan of the foods in your fridge, it's important to give some consideration to the appliance itself. Knowing a trusted appliance repair person in your community who can deal with any fridge issues you face is ideal, but it's also a smart idea to engage in behavior that prolongs the life of the fridge as much as possible. While the fridge's lifespan can be partially dictated by its brand, features and price point, there are a number of ways that you can ensure that even a lower-end appliance lasts you well into the future. Here are three ways to achieve this goal.

Keep Dust Off The Coils

One of the most common reasons for a fridge to fail is an overheating of its condenser motor. This commonly occurs because the cooling coils get covered with dust that prevents the heat from escaping. Fortunately, this problem is easy to fix with a little work and can drastically increase the life of your unit. Locate the coils by looking behind or below your fridge. Coils behind the unit are easier to clean, but with your vacuum wand fitted with a coil-cleaning brush, you can reach the coils in either position and suck up the dust that is causing them harm. Performing this job once per year is sufficient, but if your home has pets that shed a lot of hair, scheduling it more regularly is ideal.

Defrost With Care

Defrosting your fridge's freezer compartment is a task that many people perform to keep the unit working optimally, but a misinformed shortcut during the defrosting process can prematurely shorten your fridge's life. Even if you're in a rush for the frost to melt so that you can load your frozen goods back in the fridge, avoid using any hard or sharp objects to chip away at the ice. Many people reach for a kitchen knife to speed up the defrosting, only to push the tip through the thin freezer wall and seriously damage the unit. Allow the defrosting to occur naturally to prevent a premature death for your unit.

Monitor Your Door Gaskets

Healthy fridge door gaskets keep the cold air in the unit, which prevents the interior temperature from rising and forcing the condenser to run unnecessarily. Look for any cracks along the length of the gaskets and replace them if cracks are evident. You can also test the integrity of the gaskets by closing the fridge door on a scrap of paper. If you're able to easily pull the paper free, the gaskets aren't strong enough and should be replaced to prolong the life of the fridge.

For more information on preventative care, contact an appliance repair company, such as A-1 Appliance Service.