Upgrading Appliances for Renters

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How To Move Your Appliances Without Causing Damage To Them

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If you are moving then you have a lot of preparations to do in order to make sure your items are moved so they go into your new house in the same condition they were in at your old house. You want to be extremely careful with your appliances when you move them. If they aren’t moved correctly, then parts can be shaken loose and certain appliances can become off balanced. Read More»

3 Gas Range Repair Tips If the Burners Won't Light

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If you have plans to begin cooking a big meal and your gas range burners aren’t lighting, you might be at a loss for what you can do. You could call out a repair technician and pay to have it repaired, or you can try and repair it yourself. If your stove top burners click but won’t light, you have an electronic ignition. Follow the steps below to learn a few ways you can potentially repair the gas burners for your range if you have an electric ignition. Read More»

3 Tasks That Will Help Extend Your Fridge's Life

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A refrigerator that stops working correctly can cause some turmoil as you rush to find alternative sources of cooling your food while you wait for a repair person to arrive. Whether you freeze some of your items or temporarily relocate them to a neighbor’s fridge, it’s important to deal with them quickly to avoid them spoiling. Regardless of the reason for your fridge problem, a trained repair person can get the appliance up and running again quickly. Read More»

Signs That Tell You That Your Refrigerator Needs To Be Repaired

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It is important to make sure that you are always aware of the signs that indicate that there is a problem with your refrigerator. This way, you will hopefully have enough time to call in an appliance repair company to fix the issue before you find yourself with a lot of spoiled food on your hands. To help you with this, you might want to take a few minutes to review the following signs of refrigerator trouble. Read More»

3 Potential Reasons Your Refrigerator Has A Tepid Temperature

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Temperature issues with a refrigerator can lead to food safety problems in a short amount of time. Has the temperature inside your refrigerator warmed to the point that the food is tepid to the touch? There are a few potential causes with the fixes ranging from simple to complicated to the point that you might want to call an appliance repair technician. What are some of the problems that can cause tepid temperature in a refrigerator – and how can you or a tech fix the problem? Read More»

Overactive Ice Maker: What To Do When The Control Arm Is In The Center

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If your ice maker won’t stop making ice because the control arm is not raised or lowered properly, take steps to fix it now. The ice maker’s control arm should be completely raised when it makes ice and completely lowered when it stops. But if the control arm becomes stuck at the halfway point, the ice maker won’t know when to stop making ice. The control arm may simply be frozen in place. Read More»

4 Benefits To Buying Used Appliances

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If you’re in the market for an appliance, but don’t want to fork over the money for a brand new one, it may make sense to purchase a used appliance. There are many used appliance stores around that offer a wide range of appliances, so you can be sure to find exactly what you need. You can also benefit greatly with this purchase. Take a look at the following information to better understand the benefits to buying used appliances. Read More»

Three Steps To Take If Your Refrigerator Is Leaking Water

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Besides being annoying and messy, a leaking refrigerator may damage your floor and can indicate a significant problem with the function of the appliance itself. If you notice that yours has recently begun leaking, whether inside the refrigerator or out on the kitchen floor, take these steps to stop the leak. 1. Check ice maker and water filter Sometimes a faulty water filter will cause a leak. Other times old, cracked seals will fail to keep water from escaping. Read More»

3 Signs That May Indicate The Need For A Professional Dishwasher Repair

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If you are someone that loves the convenience of having a dishwasher, the last thing you want is for it to break down. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are educating yourself on the signs that may indicate that it is experiencing some trouble that requires the assistance of a professional appliance repair technician. Check out the following signs to know just what they are. There Is Always Water In The Bottom Read More»