Upgrading Appliances for Renters

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Why A Gas Stove Might Be Problematic

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Does your gas stove have a lot of problems and you are prepared to get rid of it? There are a few repairs that may need to be done to bring the stove back to a good working condition. Even if you have already had the stove inspected, it is in your best interest to get a second opinion in case it can be repaired. Below, you will learn about a few of the common problems that a gas stove might have and what can be done to resolve them. Read More»

Washing Machine Lid Switch – Is It The Cause Of Your Problems?

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Is your washing machine giving you problems? There is a small switch that engages as you close the lid that could actually be causing some of the problems you are having. This switch is a safety feature to prevent injuries sustained by reaching into the washing machine while it was running. This safety feature can sometimes malfunction and cause a few problems that can baffle you. Here, you will learn what those problems are and how to test the switch to determine if it needs to be replaced. Read More»

4 Important Differences Between Regular And High-End Appliances

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If you are in the process of building your home right now, you need to decide if you want to purchase regular appliances or high-end appliances for your home. Here are four important general differences you will find between regular and high-end appliances.  #1 Overall Aesthetics One of the big differences between regular and high-end appliances are the overall aesthetics of the appliances. Often time, the regular appliances use classic designs that have been around for a long time. Read More»

How To Unclog Your Refrigerator Drain Line

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Residential refrigerators have drain systems that are essential to the operation of the unit. A faulty or clogged drain line can result in an inefficient refrigerator. The unit might struggle to cool down to the proper degree and use more electricity. Before you call a professional HVAC contractor, you should try to unclog your drain line on your own. This article explains how to do it. Importance of the Drain Line Read More»

Two Simple Tests For A Faulty Furnace

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Is there anything worse than coming home on a cold winter day and then having your heater stop working? Before you panic and go out and buy a new furnace, you should check out your furnace. There is a good chance that the problem is very simple and you can fix it yourself, even if you are not at HVAC specialist. If you already know the problem is serious, check out http://www. Read More»

Three Strategies For Prolonging Your Fridge Life

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While you might commonly think about the lifespan of the foods in your fridge, it’s important to give some consideration to the appliance itself. Knowing a trusted appliance repair person in your community who can deal with any fridge issues you face is ideal, but it’s also a smart idea to engage in behavior that prolongs the life of the fridge as much as possible. While the fridge’s lifespan can be partially dictated by its brand, features and price point, there are a number of ways that you can ensure that even a lower-end appliance lasts you well into the future. Read More»